Johnny Jump-Up, a 2 year old registered ram, was sold.  

Douglas Fir is a twin, nearly 2 year old ram born here at our ranch in January 2016. 

He successfully bred his first 6 ewes, siring 3 sets of twins and a set of triplets from his first 4 exposures, with 2 more lambings due soon.  He is tall and well muscled, and grows a thick winter coat, good for colder climates. Douglas is genetically scrapie-resistant -  please call us for more information on this. He is calm, respectful of people and friendly - he will lead on a rope and collar. 

His mother has raised 2 sets of twin lambs, and 3 healthy, good-sized and fast-growing lambs of a set of quadruplets at 7 years of age for us without difficulty- she is an effective mother, sturdy and able to maintain her weight throughout lambing.

We are selling him because we need to manage our flock genetics.  We can arrange for delivery in Oregon, Northern California, Nevada and Washington state - and other areas as needed.  Please call or email us for more information about his pedigree, performance. $275.

Rams for Sale


We have 2 ram lambs available, born early-mid August 2017.  They are both weaned and growing well.  Lamb #1 is QR -Scrapie-resistant, the largest of triplets.$225

(Photos with black lead rope)

Lamb #2 is RR - Scrapie resistant, and very fast growing. $250

(Photos with blue lead rope)

Both would make great additions to your flock, and will pass on their scrapie resistant genes to their offspring according to genetic principles.

Please call us for more information on these lambs.   

Shasta Ranch

Klamath Falls, OR