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Klamath Falls Oregon

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SCHSB Code of Ethics

Members of our association are held to the highest standards in their interactions with
buyers and other breeders. As an organization,we adhere to the following Code of Ethics.
As a member of St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeders, I will:
• Demonstrate a high standard of integrity in all activities related to my sheep;
• Extend to all sheep under my care the benefit of a high standard of animal husbandry;
• Maintain orderly and clear sheep identifications and birth records that insure confidence in the pedigree of animals submitted for registration and recordation;
•Offer for registration only animals of good quality meeting the standards specified by the
association bylaws and rules;
•Deal in all transactions regarding St. Croix sheep with fairness and consideration, including
a willingness and commitment to make restitution as agreed to between buyer and seller
for any animal that fails to perform as specified in sale negotiations or for which permanent
registration or transfer, or both, as a condition of such sale, is rejected;
•Be prompt in registering, recording and transferring of all breeding animals sold;
•As a representative of SCHSB, educate breeding stock customers about the characteristics of St. Croix sheep and the policies and services offered by the association, including accessing SCHSB website information;
•Make decisions which support long-term viability of the St. Croix breed, its producers, and their customers;
•Support and uphold the bylaws and standards of St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeders.